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Super-Fast Touch Screen Design

  • Accept credit, debit and chip (EMV) using card reader or signature capture pad

  • Issue and redeem gift cards, print gift receipts

  • Create and redeem coupons

  • Sell products without bar codes using quick service buttons

  • Accept payments against outstanding receivables

  • Employee time clock and time clock reports

  • Remote web access

  • Quickbooks interface

Manage Customers

  • Manage a point-based customer loyalty program

  • Track salesperson commissions

  • Track and manage customer receivables

  • Export customer data to third-party email programs

  • Segment customers by user-defined level

  • Assign customer credit limit

  • Associate customers with memberships, salespersons, special pricing, etc.

Manage Inventories 

  • Create purchase orders

  • View inventory levels in real-time

  • Track by brand, style number, size, color

  • Set up kits, alternate inventory items and promotional pricing periods

  • Set product reorder levels

  • Generate and print bar code labels and shelf labels


Service Options

  • Project management

  • Onsite installation and training

  • Support and maintenance

  • Network design and implementation

  • Remote monitoring / Management

  • Data conversion

Hardware Options

  • Graphical Customer Displays

  • EMV (Chip) Readers

  • Produce Scale

  • Scanner / Scale Combo

  • DVR Interface

  • Bar Code Printers

  • Bar Code Scanners

Add on Applications

  • Online Ordering

  • Gift Cards

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Enterprise Reporting

  • Phone Apps

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