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DinerDaddy POS software is a cloud-based, Android multi-location POS system that offers a range of features to help restaurants manage their operations efficiently.  With simple screens and easy navigation the POS software is easy to manage and easy to use for new hires.  

The multi-location POS software feature allows restaurant managers to manage multiple locations with one cloud-based login accessed from any internet connected device. 

DinerDaddy was built from the ground up to enable all aspects of the digital restaurant. The online ordering seemlessly integrates with the cloud-based POS system, kitchen printers and kitchen display systems. To maximize your revenue, DinerDaddy integrates with all third-party delivery services like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash etc.

Mobile ordering and payment is a breeze.  Our mobile devices allows customers to order, tip and pay for their meals using a mobile device.

Using our best practice cash discounting and surcharging feature you can easily recover your credit card fees by offering a lower price to customers who pay with cash and higher price. 

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