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Ready to Up Your Game? 

United Standard has been partnering with payment industry professionals since the company was founded in 2003. Our merchants include small local and large national chains in the restaurant, retail and hospitality sectors. Besides processing residuals you get paid on recurring SAAS, hardware, leases and professional services paid twice per month.  

No sales quota

Higher volume merchants
Lead gen programs
Easy merchant financing
Referenceable merchants 
Trade show participation

Same day statement analysis
POS or Terminal Cash Discounting
Lifetime residuals


Point of Sale
United Standard sells, installs and supports nationally recognized and highly scalable POS systems. Higher volume means “sticky” merchants bringing comfortable and sustainable income.   


We offer a diverse portfolio of over 3,000 payment gateways and interfaces, stand- alone EMV devices, POS integrated EMV devices, PC based and online ordering payment capture technologies.  


Payment Terminals
United Standard is authorized to sell, support and integrate payment devices from most manufacturers. Brands include Verifone, PAX, Ingenico and more. 

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