Software Features

  • Super fast drink order / another round

  • Bar tabs and graphical table mapping

  • Dynamically configure menus and drink modifiers

  • Quickly and easily customize menus for specific jobs like bartenders

  • Split and print guest checks in one easy step

  • Split tenders in any number of payments

  • Order hold, reopen tickets, merge tabs and tables

  • Happy hours and promotions

  • Customer tracking and loyalty program

  • Perform management tasks on any terminal or online

  • Easy cash and tip management

  • Inventory control and recipe management

  • Customizable reports PDF, excel or CSV export

Hardware Options

  • 15″ All in One Terminals

  • Tablets and mobile ordering

  • Bar ticket printer or bar display

  • Customer display (rear facing)

  • Kitchen video display

  • Bar code scanner

  • Caller ID


Service Options

  • Project management

  • Onsite installation and training

  • Menu program and maintenance

  • Support and hardware maintenance

  • Network design and implementation

  • Remote monitoring / management

  • Data conversion

Add on Applications

  • Quickbooks interface

  • Online ordering

  • Inventory / Recipe Management

  • Marketing (email/texting)

  • Phone Apps

  • Enterprise reporting

  • Custom report generator

Many legacy restaurant POS developers such as Revel, Aloha, Digital Dining pack as many features as they can into their restaurant POS system - they say "hey this thing does everything!". The result is a "busy", overpriced, bloated, support intensive and difficult to navigate restaurant POS application. Some of their programming code is over 30 years old.

The modular design of Dinerware POS allows operators to add extra features and functions on demand. The basic features of Dinerware POS include what owners expect in a point of sale system.  However with access to fifty or more add-in apps, owners can build a restaurant POS system to meet exacting requirements when the requirements arise. The result is no bloat, simple navigation and pay for what you want when you want it.  

Select from these apps to enhance your Dinerware POS..

Dinerware Home Office - Remote Admin and Reporting

Home Office is a web-based management tool that allows you to keep up with the details of your business whether you are on-site or not. Home Office gives you a real-time, secure connection to your Dinerware system. You can sign in from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device and access most Dinerware Manager features right over the Internet! No setup, no contract, and a low monthly price. 

ToGo - Online Ordering

Now you can engage your customers through your own class-leading branded app. Turn your Web and Facebook pages into 24/7 e-commerce engines through a fully responsive ordering page. Never miss an order with the most advanced order delivery system in the industry. Why wait? Start growing your off-premise dining today. ToGo Technologies. The latest technology for your restaurant for the best price on the planet.

QSR Online - Back Office Management Suite

QSROnline is a Restaurant back-office system that integrates with your Dinerware POS, accounting, and payroll systems. We transform basic data into an effective business strategy to lower costs and drive profits. Features include inventory and recipe management, accounting and payroll integration, labor management, scheduling and enterprise reporting. 

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