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Software Features

  • Super fast drink order / another round

  • Bar tabs and graphical table mapping

  • Dynamically configure menus and drink modifiers

  • Quickly and easily customize menus for specific jobs like bartenders

  • Split and print guest checks in one easy step

  • Split tenders in any number of payments

  • Order hold, reopen tickets, merge tabs and tables

  • Happy hours and promotions

  • Customer tracking and loyalty program

  • Perform management tasks on any terminal or online

  • Easy cash and tip management

  • Inventory control and recipe management

  • Customizable reports PDF, excel or CSV export

Hardware Options

  • 15″ All in One Terminals

  • Tablets and mobile ordering

  • Bar ticket printer or bar display

  • Customer display (rear facing)

  • Kitchen video display

  • Bar code scanner

  • Caller ID


Service Options

  • Project management

  • Onsite installation and training

  • Menu program and maintenance

  • Support and hardware maintenance

  • Network design and implementation

  • Remote monitoring / management

  • Data conversion

Add on Applications

  • Quickbooks interface

  • Online ordering

  • Inventory / Recipe Management

  • Marketing (email/texting)

  • Phone Apps

  • Enterprise reporting

  • Custom report generator

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