Xenial is a product of Heartland Commerce.


Why should that be important to you?  Because Heartland Commerce is one of the largest technology providers to the restaurant industry with over 135,000 restaurants representing nineteen percent of the market share. This customer base includes 83,000 independent restaurants along with 11 of the top 25 quick service brands like Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., Jack In the Box and International House of Pancakes all using restaurant POS systems developed by Heartland. 


With all these years of experience in the industry, Heartland knows a little bit about restaurant POS systems. In their quest to develop the best cloud based, mobile POS system, they consulted their long-time customers to help design, build and test Xenial, the next generation cloud POS.


We all know about the rapid growth of the internet and cloud pos applications especially in the restaurant business.  Cloud based POS systems offer more mobility and flexibility and the total cost of ownership compared to traditional restaurant POS systems are significantly lower.


The clincher is that Xenial point of sale POS is operating system independent.   This means you can convert your existing Android, Apple or Windows device into a mobile POS system.  You can even mix and match, say using your iPhone and Android tablet at the same location. And all for one fixed fee per month per location. 

Coming Winter 2018